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Documentation: GROOVE 21

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Ariadne's thread
GROOVE is an innovative outdoor/indoor in-ground recessed system for direct view light—ideal for contour and path illumination in large urban areas, malls, and pedestrian zones.Like the thread of Ariadne guides Teseo through the labyrinth to escape the Minotaur, the GROOVE lighting system points the way through architectural volumes. Given the peculiar light effect, this unique drive-over ground- or wall-recessed modular system allows designers and architects to raise unique ideas to be used in projects with all the necessary freedom. GROOVE 21 (mm width) builds in new and sophisticated technological processes: a patented double IP rating to grant reliable performance even in extreme conditions and a double-layer resin-coat to assure a hundred per cent light uniformity for the individual lines and boundaries of direct view light.
In-ground series. Fixtures consist of:
  • Extruded anodised aluminium housing
  • IP-67-rated double resin coating - transparent in the lower part to protect the LED from mechanical stresses and to guarantee maximum luminous efficiency - satin finish in the visible part, even in joints proximity, to ensure a homogeneous light distribution over the entire emitting area
  • Two-part fitting, consisting of LED luminaire and stainless steel recess box with anti-deformation cover (included). Tool-free installation of the luminaire in the recess box
  • Stainless steel recessed rough-in kit to be ordered separately.
  • Each rough-in kit is provided with a protective faceplate to avoid possible deformations during the installation in concrete to simplify installation.
  • 100% uniform diffused light emission.
  • To be used with a 24 V low-voltage driver (ordered separately, consult factory for more information).
  • RGBW (4000K) color mixing for high emotional impact scenographic effects.
  • Dynamic Tunable White (TW) options enable smooth variations in color temperature, from 2700K to 5400K, in response to how a space is used.
  • The luminaire may be configured with numerous options and multiple standard finishes. Not all options are available in all configurations. Consult factory for more information about specification sheet details to build your light.
  • Product meets Buy American Act (BAA) requirements within ARRA.
  • 5-year warranty.


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