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Rotterdam - Niederlande

  • CUSTOMER: Stichting De Verre Bergen
  • ELECTRICIAN: Huisman Installatietechniek
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaap Lotstra

Primary school Het Epos is a neighborhood school for Zuidwijk in Rotterdam. A good building is essential for the quality of education. That is why this new school building has been built to be ready for the future. The circular wooden school has been in use since June 2020 and teachers and students are very satisfied with the building. 

The lighting plan for Het Epos was designed by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING. For the classrooms and corridors, the SL764 LED pendant and surface-mounted luminaires were chosen, which are already integrated in the prefab modules at the factory. These light lines were configurated in our online configurator LIGHT-PERFORMER®. The atrium is equipped with the A100 with clock reflector, while the ball-resistant series GYM LED has been installed in the gym. All choices in the project were made in close consultation with all parties involved, which has led to a great result. 

Architectural firm SeArch, together with contractor De Groot Vroomshoop, has developed a new way of building: a circular and fully wooden school that can be easily disassembled, moved, enlarged and expanded. By working with prefab modules, construction time on site is kept to a minimum and a completely new school is built in just a few months. 

Het Epos is made up of 75 prefab wooden modules that can be, if necessary, moved and stacked again in another location, which makes the school future-proof. The installations are integrated, which not only increases the level of prefabrication in the factory, but also further improves the visual quality. The interior is a mix of wooden surfaces and glass openings, creating a fresh, but warm and cozy atmosphere where children can learn in a safe and protected environment.

In addition to the classrooms, the current school consists of a gym with changing rooms and showers, a technical classroom, a media library, a large kitchen and a green schoolyard. The central atrium of the school acts as the heart of the building and houses both the entrance and the access to the upper floor. The multifunctional wide staircase serves at one time as a tribune, at other times as a stage or simply as an informal meeting place during school hours.

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