Utrecht - Netherlands

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaap Lotstra

Louwman Exclusive is part of a striking heritage in automotive Netherlands: the Louwman Group with its origins in The Hague, where in 1923 a start was made with the import of leading brands. The quality of craftsmanship is the fuel for the special development that the company has been through over the past century. The heritage of the Louwman Group comes to life in a special way in the unique Louwman Museum in The Hague, where the world's largest private collection reflects in detail the development of the Louwman Group's car mobility. Louwman Exclusive builds on this tradition and represents the Group in the segment for premium cars with, among others, the Maserati, McLaren, Morgan and Lexus brands.

Because there was still traditional lighting present in the striking building on the A2, Louwman Exclusive filed the request at Anker Rotterdam to make a plan for replacing the lighting to LED. This not only highlights the exclusive cars, but also saves energy. Anker Rotterdam used our EB43 LED and GUELL 1 for the showroom and TRY railsystem for the workshop.

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