Borgarfjörður - Iceland

  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Valur Benediktsson

A visit to the Vídgelmir cave in Iceland is an experience not easily forgotten. With the desire to unveil in a spectacular way what would otherwise have been hidden in the darkness, the local administration planned an illuminated underground path to allow tourists and families to visit the cave. 

The project involved the construction of a wooden walkway with a specially designed path and the study of a scenographic lighting system that makes for spectacular viewing of the complex rock formations by revealing the variegated chromatic details

With this objective in mind, the lighting design located lighting fixtures at strategic points in order to highlight the rock formations by creating incredible visual effects. The GUELL series professional floodlights, with their high degree of IP resistance are suitable for high humidity environments and excellent lighting performance, have proven to be the right choice for this particularly demanding project.

Vídgelmir cave is located in the Icelandic highlands northwest of Reykjavík. With a length of 1,600 meters and a volume of about 150,000 cubic meters, it is one of the largest lava caves in the world, formed more than 1100 years ago, during the Viking era, when volcanic craters were created under the Langjökull glacier.

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