The GEWISS Group has published its Sustainability Report for the year 2023, drawn up in accordance with the guidelines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and following the most accredited reporting criteria, i.e. the GRI standards for reporting on sustainability, issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report summarizes the progress and tangible initiatives in the social, economic and environmental sectors undertaken by the company over the last year.

This year marks the first time that PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has been included in the Group Report.

Improves energy performance and less waste.
In 2023, the commitment to improve energy performance continued, which translates not only into economic investments and projects to improve the efficiency of the plants, but also into awareness-raising and training actions, which overall have allowed the GEWISS group to reduce the energy consumption of the 14% compared to 2022. In particular, the consumption of natural gas used for heating and industrial processes reduced by 31% in 2023. Consistently, direct emissions recorded a decrease of approximately 24%.
In 2023, the group's waste amounted to 2,835 tonnes, a reduction of 2.5% compared to the total waste produced in 2022. In particular, hazardous waste decreased by 7%.

Greater focus on human resources.
In 2023, GEWISS continued to use the corporate welfare platform and promote initiatives for employee well-being, including training courses during “sustainability week” on topics related to health, safety and nutrition.
The "diversity & inclusion" plan was also developed, with projects aimed at strengthening the inclusive culture within the GEWISS group, including a training program for all managers, which in 2024 will be extended to all 2,200 employees of the group. Regarding the promotion of human resources, 43,249 hours of training were provided in 2023.

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