Amsterdam - Netherlands

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaap Lotstra

De Boel was a very outdated apartment building from 1964 with 154 apartments and 3,000 m2 of office space at De Boelelaan on the edge of the Amsterdam Zuidas. The complex has been radically renovated. The transformation has resulted in an open and transparent building with a view from the Zuidas to the green of Buitenveldert.

De Boel is part of the General Expansion Plan for Amsterdam (Algemeen Uitbreidingsplan or AUP) of urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren and, with its 160 m length and 9 floors, an iconic building. It is made up of a brick mounting construction system and a concrete skeleton. The application of this system in 10 storeys makes this building unique in the Netherlands.

The office layer on the first floor has been given full glass facades, creating a fresh working environment with a view of the Zuidas and the tranquility of Buitenveldert. The 154 apartments have been made more comfortable. Ten apartments on the top floor have a roof structure, resulting in spacious penthouses. On the roof of the 9th floor a beautiful, extensive roof garden has been realized as a meeting place for residents.

A new fixture has been installed at each of the front doors on the galleries, NIKKO+21/G has been chosen for this application.

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