Kungsbacka - Sweden

  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Scan Interlight AB

The Kungsbacka Padel Club is a unique sports facility housing a total of five courts, two of which are indoor and three outdoor in a very characteristic context. The padel courts are in fact enclosed in a former greenhouse, creating a pleasant atmosphere with a lounge area and a delightful club environment, while offering protection from the wind.

Materials used for the construction of the courts are among the best on the market, and the lighting also follows these high standards. Scan Interlight selected professional GUELL 2 LED floodlights with asymmetrical optics to achieve high illumination levels, reaching 500 lux average on all courts, so as to satisfy both beginners and more experienced players.

The complex is completed by top-quality aluminium structures, and a bent fibre synthetic turf surface to obtain medium-speed play and less maintenance over time.

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