Braone - Italy

  • CUSTOMER: Comune di Braone
  • ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: Arch. Bonfadini Giancarlo

Located in the Mount Adamello area, the Palobbia park, along the left bank of the stream with the same name in Val Camonica was created as a place of memory, culture and relaxation.

Recently the public park was the focus of an LED relamping effort. With the lighting design by SARCO Snc as a starting point, HEDO+ FT street furniture luminaires were chosen, with pole-mounted extra wide roto-symmetric circle reflector. Now the services available to citizens in the park such as parking, relaxation areas and educational panels are also available in the evening.

This park is part of the "Via della pietra", commissioned by the Parco dell'Adamello and the municipality of Braone. The historical-cultural project offers an educational-museum itinerary with the dual objective of making the most important places known where the “pica-préde” activity (stonecutters in Camuno dialect) has been carried out for centuries, as well as promoting the territory and local traditions. The Adamello granite quarries have in fact been active since at least the Renaissance, if not from the Middle Ages.

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