Granada - Spain

  • ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: Juan De Dios Perez Valenzuela
  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: BIG Architectural Lighting
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Juanan Barros Fotografo de Arquitectura

In the historic centre of Granada, Reyes Catolicos Avenue’s scene is animated by the comings and goings of tourists and residents by day and the lively nightlife at night.

From the terrace of this private residence overlooking the avenue, you can look down to observe the crowd below without being noticed, like a modern Baudelairian flâneur. Discretion also characterizes the lighting provided by MIMIK 20 FLAT that efficiently illuminates the terrace while the external frame, available as an accessory, minimizes the invasiveness of the luminaire and camouflages the product by incorporating trim with the same wall finish to make the light the absolute protagonist.

Looking up one is impressed by the majesty of the magnificent Arab fortress palace, the Alhambra, one of the most famous Spanish tourist attractions, dominates the entire city from the hill just 500 metres away.

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