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  • CUSTOMER: RVN Monterotondo

The Monterotondo Swimming Stadium is the most important municipal sports centre in northern Rome. With its 50-meter, 10-lane Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool, it is the focal point for water sports enthusiasts in the area, as well as for fitness in general thanks to the numerous training areas featuring state-of-the-art equipment and numerous fitness courses. It is also the home of Roma Vis Nova professional water polo club, one of the best and most famous clubs at the national level (both men’s and women’s teams).

The management of the facility was entrusted to the company RVN Monterotondo with the goal of improving the environmental impact of the sports complex and its image at the same time by reducing energy and gas costs through planning to contain CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency. With this in mind, the company decided to turn an obstacle into an opportunity by taking advantage of the pause in activity imposed by the most recent lockdown to renew the lighting system with the dual objective of improving lighting quality and reducing operating costs.

In collaboration with MEF, a suitable solution was found for the lighting system. GUELL series LED floodlights by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING were chosen for their excellent performance-price ratio even in a high-humidity environment. The project called for a combination of 31 GUELL 2.5 floodlights with symmetrical lens located on the sides of the Olympic pool and 12 GUELL 2 fixtures with asymmetrical optics providing carefully calibrated illumination for the pool and stands. All floodlights are installed with 5000 K colour temperature LEDs for better light quality. 

The on-site installation and relative aiming of the luminaires was carried out by the company By Power. The final result is an average illumination level of over 450 lux which limits glare for athletes and lets them attain their best performance in the pool for activities ranging from national and international competitions to training and aquatic courses such as swimming, water polo, water aerobics, and hydrobike.

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