Bologna - Italy

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Renato Begnoni

Performance In Lighting has used Spillo to spotlight the Quartiere Navile In Bologna

Performance in Lighting was chosen for the lighting engineering project to refurbish the parks of Bologna, a pilot project for the Navile Gardens. Forty Spillo luminaires were installed at a height of five meters, in two different versions: one with a rotosymmetrical distribution 28 LED 4000K, power 31 Watts, and one with a double asymmetrical distribution 28 LED 4000K, 16 LED + 12 LED, power 31 Watts. The latter was designed and developed by Performance in Lighting for the purpose of fulfilling specific lighting needs of the project: some areas involved required this type of light distribution with asymmetrical characteristics and back-lighting. The first version of Spillo can light areas where uniform light distributed in a circle of 360° is required, without particular needs for specific light orientation. This type of distribution is suitable for parks, gardens and large areas in general. The second version, with double asymmetrical optic, the distribution is ideal for lighting bicycle paths and footpaths, with a guarantee of the necessary back-lighting to illumine the area adjacent to the path. All of this is to have greater visual comfort and also guarantee better safety conditions, which are crucial in a public park.

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