Q-WALL MAXI | Performance in Lighting
  • - A sharp edge family
  • - Q Series is a complete solution from your ceilings to facades and hallways, making it the most aesthetically sound design choice for your contemporary projects. Pairing clean architecture with robust technical engineering; the Q series bridges the divide between simplistic beauty and sophisticated performance. Multiple optic decisions give you the ability to tailor your fixtures for the perfect fit whether you want a different degree beam up and a softening lens to provide you with a more diffuse glow; you are the creator of your distinct fixture, every time. Look to the Q Series as a basis for your lighting concept.
  • - Q-WALL is a wall-mounted luminaire for outdoor installation with indirect single or double emission options, designed to direct the luminous flux onto the ceiling or the ground to obtain homogeneous lighting throughout the environment, emphasizing the wall on which the luminaire is mounted. Q-LIGHT is indicated for walkways, environmental obstacles, boundaries, decoration, and safety lighting. It is designed for low-consumption LED light sources. Q-CEILING finishes up this rugged product family. From pathway to wall, to ceiling: the Q series is your answer to resilience.
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