AMON MICRO | Performance in Lighting
  • - Built to last
  • - Our team developed the AMON series as a solution to the mundane bollards and columns seen daily. This cutting edge, exclusive design is available standard as a 4' bollard, 13' post, and we also offer a wall version with an integral EM option.
  • - The name AMON, King of Gods in ancient Egypt, also meant "mysterious in shape." From this idea, our team designed a robust, yet at the same time classy and elegant unique oval-shaped luminaire.
  • - This series provides the specifier versatile lighting solutions while ensuring reduced installation and maintenance costs.AMON is the perfect solution for tomorrow's city due to the variety of product options and light distributions. From zero light pollution, glare-free options to the "soft/comfortable" light using our UV stabilized polycarbonate option, the AMON is a versatile option for virtually any project.
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