Wekerom - Netherlands

  • CUSTOMER: Robri
  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Matthijs Goudriaan - Robri
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaap Lotstra

Electrical wholesaler Robri is, since the beginning of this year, working in its new premises at business park Het Laar in Wekerom. 

A new workplace was desperately needed due to the company’s growth. It was decided to build a new office and warehouse in Wekerom. From this new location, Robri’s customers can be served even better. Of course, lighting is also needed in the new building. PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has made, in close collaboration with Robri, a light plan in which the light channels are composed with LIGHT-PERFORMER®, our light configurator. 

QUASAR 10 LED was used for the staircases. For the exterior lighting, AMON MAXI SOFT was used at the entrance and the AMON WALL with double light emission on the façade.

A complete project that was carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer.

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