Heerhugowaard - Netherlands

  • CUSTOMER: Segesta Exploitatie
  • ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: Breddels Architecten
  • ELECTRICIAN: Beerepoot Installatietechniek
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaap Lotstra

The skyline of Heerhugowaard is enriched with a new and unique residential building "De Bever", consisting of 78 apartments spread over 7 floors. This includes 60 apartments in the social rental sector and 18 apartments in the luxury segment.

The new apartment complex, designed by Breddels Architecten on behalf of Segesta Groep, is located at the rear of MediaMarkt Heerhugowaard. The building is from the roadside visibly shaped as one large framework that surrounds the houses with undulating balconies above a new pond. The open location with views towards Alkmaar and balconies on the southwest complete the picture.

For this residential building lighting from PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has been used. BLIZ LED has been chosen on the galleries and QUASAR 20 on the balconies..

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