Varignano - Viareggio - Italy

  • CUSTOMER: Arcidiocesi di Lucca
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrea Avezzù

Designed by TAMassociati, the parish complex in the Varignano district of Viareggio was conceived as a response to a community need. In synergy with the designers, the district and parishioners, the project envisaged the redevelopment of an existing building no longer suitable for pastoral and celebratory needs, while planning, on the same site, the construction of a new functional church able to retain the historical memory of the context

The new 1700 square meter complex is surrounded by green areas and the churchyard that contains the new bell tower. From the point of view of sustainability, the building guarantees excellent performance, both in terms of energy savings and in phase management maintenance.

The wide PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING range has been able to meet the various lighting needs for both indoor and outdoor spaces ensuring high product quality standards, a carefully planned design to achieve the best possible visual comfort and a consistent attention to ensure low management costs combined with a great sensitivity to energy sustainability through the use LED fixtures.

For the meeting rooms, the multifunctional classrooms, the service areas and the rooms of the rectory located on the upper floor various types of fixtures provide efficient and correct lighting for each environment. Rectangular and round light panels are used for diffuse lighting and MIMIK and QUASAR series fixtures illuminate the walls. 

The exterior lighting of the complex is essential to enhance and showcase it in the surrounding environment. MIMIK 30 illuminates the perimeter walls of the ground floor, defining the architectural volumes through a refined balance between light and shadow. The upper walls of the large assembly hall are entirely illuminated with good uniformity with GUELL series flood lights that fill the surfaces with light.

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