BLIZ ROUND CROSS | Performance in Lighting
  • - It’s all about uniformity
  • - The value of the BLIZ along with attributes such as shape options of a round, square, rectangle; 0-10V dimming, integral EM, HF Occupancy sensor, allows this product family to be integrated into today's commercial projects with ease.
  • - Today's construction and design communities demand confidence in quality and options for stringent code compliance. The BLIZ offers unshielded lighting solutions and options which clear the path and make it easy to conform to local codes. Signage options can be added directly on to the glass lens, or, can be laser cut into the various faceplates of the rectangular series.
  • - The Post option of the rectangular range allows the design to be carried further into pathways, parks, and city centers. The Grid options, along with our 10-year warranty on the BLIZ glass, make this product one of the most rugged but at the same time most aesthetically pleasing in the industry.
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