Churriana - Málaga - Spain

  • ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: José Carlos Castro Fernández | Campoabierto Arquitectura
  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: BIG Architectural Lighting
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Javier Orive

The Virgen María Auxiliadora residence is the most innovative and modern centre for the elderly in the province of Granada. Based on principles of global assistance centred on the individual, it aims to make the elderly feel comfortable. To increase quality of life, personalized care is the main objective. The highest quality level of assistance service is offered. In addition to receiving the attention they need, most importantly, the elderly maintain control over their lives and can continue to carry out their daily activities in a way that is consistent with their values, beliefs, preferences, and opinions.

That is why the residence is a combination of modern and sustainable structures that do not neglect the aesthetics and details that feel like home. Correct lighting also contributes to the well-being of guests, therefore the lighting design by BIG Architectural Lighting studio relied on the high efficiency and reliability of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING products installed in the various environments. 

Various wall luminaires such as MIMIK 20, QUASAR 20 and QUASAR 30 are installed throughout the structure depending on the application context. On the exteriors INSERT+ 1 and INSERT+ 2 recessed wall luminaires illuminate and secure the walkways around the building in order to avoid accidents and reduce the possibility of tripping.

Overall, the spaces are equipped with every type of architectural comfort. The residence offers accommodation for up to 78 permanent guests and 20 day-stay guests, it also has an infirmary, a room for physical rehabilitation and a gym. The complex is completed by outdoor green spaces and recreational areas for hydrotherapy, a solarium and a horticulture area.

The technological solutions used are at the service of the user and optimal resource management. The latest home automation technologies help with daily management, connect guests with assistants and help prevent accidents. Sustainability has also been a goal in the choice of materials and systems. The heating system, for example, has a radiant and heated ceiling that offers a very high level of comfort and significant energy savings.

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