MIMIK 20 LINE BOLLARD | Performance in Lighting
  • - Much more than a pretty face
  • - Unobtrusive and elegant, like chameleons, these units perfectly blend with the interior of the architectural space, creating an effect of luminous mimicry.
  • - Ultra-flat luminaires conceived entirely around low energy consumption using the latest generation LED sources. The MIMIK is suitable for all applications requiring a wall mount luminaire. Its minimal design and reduced thickness of less than 2-inches allow for discreet integration in all indoor and outdoor architectural contexts.
  • - The MIMIK series of fixtures is an exclusive PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING design and the only like it in the industry. The MIMIK accessory faceplate allows designers the ability to clad the installation in any material they choose, allowing creativity to flourish.
  • - Contemporary styling makes the bollards for the MIMIK 10 and 20 a timeless addition to both residential and commercial projects. The MIMIK 10 bollard, available in three standard heights, provides much more than a bollard; it gives you cohesiveness. We offer two bollard choices for the MIMIK 20 bollard, which includes a signage option.
  • - The new MIMIK 50 is a large-sized, high-performance wall pack for any perimeter lighting that is also suitable for the urban context. The essential lines allow total integration in any contemporary setting, and it can be combined with the rest of the family.
  • - The MIMIK series, available in ceiling mount (MIMIK 10 / 20), wall effect (MIMIK 10), wall sconce (MIMIK 20 / 30), wall pack (MIMIK 50), bollard (MIMIK 10 /20), and FLAT options, provides much more than fittings. It gives you total design cohesiveness.
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