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Rhythm on the wall

The QUASAR family was born from the idea that the cleanest design is sometimes all that a project calls for. This simple fixture in four different sizes applies to almost every project that you will find yourself working on. The QUASAR 10 gives you the dramatic punch you want in a compact package and at a price point that any project allows for. With the chance to customize everything from the beams and apertures to the color of the glass, this is the little fixture that does it all and does it in the most energy and cost-efficient way. The QUASAR 20, with options for dual or mono distribution, takes a little more serious approach in a slightly bigger body and yet maintains that ability for you to tailor it with s variety of color choices for your unique design needs. The QUASAR 30 gives you dimming in addition to the unique customized aperture and color opportunities as the smaller versions. The QUASAR 60 rounds out the series with multiple wattage options, integral 90 minute emergency battery pack, and single and dual emission options. With so much variety in one cost conscious series, the QUASAR is a choice well made.



Wall effect (QUASAR 10) and wall sconce (QUASAR 20 / 30 / 60) series.
Fixtures consists of:

- Multi-step powder-coat painting process, optimized against UV rays and corrosion.
- Copper-free precision die-cast aluminum housing and mounting plate.
- High-efficientcy COB combined with an optimized passive cooling system provides a long LED life(QUASAR 20 / 30). Internal reflector coated with 5-layers of PVD 99.98% pure aluminum providing >95% reflection. Micro-prismatic patterned, flat, tempered silk screened soda-lime glass diffuser (QUASAR 20 / 30 / 60). Custom MCPCB utilized to maximize heat dissipation and promote a long LED life (QUASAR 10 / 60). Extra-clear, flat, tempered silk screened soda-lime glass diffuser (QUASAR 10).
- Custom molded, anti-aging gasket(s).
- Stainless steel external hardware.

- Available in four standard lenghts of 4" (QUASAR 10), 8"(QUASAR 20), 12" (QUASAR 30) and 24" (QUASAR 60). Overall standard height of 4" and depth of 4".
- Junction box mounting plate included (for 4" octagon box only, by others).

- Wall effect light emission (QUASAR 10). Available in three light distribution IESNA Type I (QUASAR 20 / 30), IESNA Type II (QUASAR 60 M / B) and IESNA Type III (QUASAR 60 TECH / DOUBLE TECH). 

- Input voltage: 120-277 V (50 / 60 Hz) for QUASAR 10 versions and 120-277 V (50 / 60 Hz), integral 0-10 V dimming driver. 

- Optional, integral, emergency battery-pack designed for a minimum operation of 90 minutes (EMPK). 
- Consult factory for dimming options, custom finishes and non-catalogued CCT (Kelvin) options.

- UL Wet location listed. IP44 rated (QUASAR 10).
- UL Wet location listed. IP65 rated.
- Product meets Buy American requirements within ARRA. 
- ADA compliant. 
- PRONTO-SHIP (between working 3-7 days for standard options)
- Photometric data measure according to UNI EN 13032-1/4 and IES LM-79-08 
- Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application. All values are design or typical values, measured under laboratory conditions at 25 °C.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

- 5-year limited warranty. Complete warranty terms located at www.performanceinlighting.com

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