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Family, passion, work: these words have characterised the history of the company since its founding. Local and global, two more words that tell how it has evolved over time from a family and local business to a Group with branches all over the world.

The Lodi family: four generations of entrepreneurs

Of Altarese origins, where the Lodi family had been producing artistic glass for many generations, the industrial and entrepreneurial history of the family began in Turin in 1905 with the establishment of the Vetreria F.lli Lodi by Guglielmo Lodi (Great-grandfather of the current President of the Group, Giorgio Lodi).

In 1960, Guglielmo's nephew, Vittorio, who joined the company at a very young age, changed the name to VETRERIE LODI SpA and gave a broader scope to the glassmaking group, not limiting it to working for the automotive sector like most companies in the Turin industrial scene. Instead, he laid the foundation for establishing a consolidated Group at the European level, operating in many sectors of the glass industry. 

In 1970 Vittorio became president of the FINVETRO group. In addition to VETRERIE LODI SpA and numerous other companies in the glass sector added over the years, was also PRISMA SpA, the first company of the group specialized in lighting fixtures. During that period, the FINVETRO group reached a turnover of about 200 billion lire and employed more than 1000 people.

In 1996, together with his children Giorgio and Marina, Vittorio made the decision to concentrate mainly in the field of lighting with the acquisition of other companies in the sector. This led in the early 2000s to the founding of the PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING brand, which summarizes in a single name several brands from different countries.


In 1978 PRISMA SpA was born, the Group's first brand, to which the Italian SBP, Klewe, the Belgian Ed-dis and the German Spittler were added over time. Since 2017 all our products have been grouped under the sole brand of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING.

The reliability of the brand’s products has distinguished lighting history and will continue today as a PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING brand with the expectation that the confidence shown us by our customers will remain unchanged and will stimulate the Group to take on the new challenges that a steady evolving technology demands.


The branches

There are 5 manufacturing divisions: two in Italy (in Verona and Bergamo,) one in Belgium (Brussels,) one in Germany (Goslar,) and one in the USA, Georgia (Atlanta). The many commercial branches are located in Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, USA, UK, Finland, Portugal, Australia, Russia, and Dubai.

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