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The company’s history has been marked by values such as family, passion, and work from its very inception. Over time, its evolution from a family-owned and local business entity to a global presence has been significant, culminating in international expansion with branches all over the world and integration into the Gewiss Group starting in 2022.


GEWISS and PERFORMANCE IN LIGHTING announce the agreement for the official entry of the historic leading company in the international lighting sector into the GEWISS Group.
The project will allow the expansion of mutual business opportunities, confirming the growth path undertaken by GEWISS through the acquisition of new market shares in a strategic sector, with PERFORMANCE IN LIGHTING as a fundamental asset for lighting.

From 1978 to the present day

First EcoVadis Certification

We are committed to continuously improving our company's environmental, social and governance practices. We do it with a method that helps us monitor our sustainability performance. We thus obtained in 2022 the first EcoVadis bronze medal, which certifies our commitment and our path in compliance with the United Nations 2030 objectives.


TYK+ wins the Red Dot Design Award

The company wins the Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design 2021 section with the TYK+ series, a "universal" architectural lighting tool that allows you to illuminate horizontal and vertical planes with absolute precision, dose lights and shadows in a targeted way, alternate light areas and dark areas by composing them successfully.


Start of partnership with CasaClima

The company has always been attentive to important issues such as environmental protection, energy saving and people's well-being. The design and development of our products are inspired by these themes every day. A new collaboration is born with Agenzia CasaClima, an independent public certification body in Alto Adige, which has managed to create its own energy certification protocol.


SMALL LINE wins the Red Dot Design Award

The company wins the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design 2019 section with the SMALL LINE product, design Büro Sommer.


Start of FITP sponsorship

The company has always held the values ​​of healthy sport such as commitment, sacrifice and dedication. Every day he puts his know-how at the service of professionals and amateurs to provide the right light for their sporting performances. For this reason, since 2018 it has been the Official Partner of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation.

40th anniversary

2018 stands out as an important milestone for the company, which celebrates its 40th anniversary of activity with recognitions and partnerships, new products and wide-ranging initiatives.

LAMA+ and TRACCIA win iF Design Award

Two important IF Design Award recognitions: LAMA+ and TRACCIA win the prize, selected by a jury of 63 experts from all over the world thanks to their ability to combine an attractive design with maximum lighting performance.

LIGHT-PERFORMER® wins iF design award

LIGHT-PERFORMER® wins the IF Design Award 2018, selected by a jury of experts from all over the world thanks to the clarity and ease of use that allow you to configure your lighting system intuitively and in just a few simple steps.


Year of unification of all brands in a single corporate brand

The reliability of the brands' products, which have characterized the history of lighting engineering, continues in the PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING brand to project the company towards the new challenges that the evolution of technology imposes.


Year of foundation of NidoBlù company nursery

To encourage reconciliation between family life and work, the company has created the nursery school, in the headquarters in Colognola ai Colli (VR), open not only to the children of employees but to the entire local community. Asilo Nidoblù is an educational space for girls and boys aged 7 to 36 months inspired by the "Reggio Children" pedagogical philosophy.


PRISMA obtains certification ISO 9001

Fundamental result for the company. This standard helps to continuously improve business processes, increasing efficiency and reducing errors, which results in greater customer satisfaction and reduced business costs.


Year of foundation of PRISMA

PRISMA S.p.a. is born, the first company in the group specialized in lighting items. The Group's first brand, to which over time the Italian SBP, Klewe, the Belgian Ed-dis and the German Spittler were added.

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