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Daylight controller

The right light at the right time

Using available daylight is of paramount importance when planning a lighting system that is intended to simultaneously save energy and improve wellbeing. Even on a cloudy day, the light intensity of daylight is much higher than that of artificial lighting. In addition to which, daylight is available free of charge – unlike artificial light. The natural rhythm of daylight and manifold variations in brightness over the course of the day are particularly pleasurable for us as humans.
When we spend most of our days inside buildings, being able to see outdoors enables us to come into contact with weather, times and seasons. Architecture featuring well-designed glazed surfaces and a perfectly aligned daylight controller makes valuable use of all these advantages:

  • In office buildings, savings of up to 90% on energy costs can be achieved using daylight controllers.
  • Dynamic lighting scenarios that imitate the progression of daylight support employees’ natural biorhythms.
  • This ensures higher acceptance of the lighting system, an improved sense of wellbeing and better productivity.
  • When coordinated correctly with the shutter controls, the room can receive sufficient light from the sun at all positions, without occupants being dazzled or the room becoming overheated.

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