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Clear conditions

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Clear conditions

Clear conditions

In order to always provide customers with clear, complete information, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has decided to provide the data pertaining to its LED luminaires in the following ways:

  • Nominal lumen indicate the luminous flux produced by the LED source according to indications by the manufacturer of the LEDs used in the luminaire. Sometimes this is an average value derived from the range indicated by the producer.
  • Real lumen indicate the luminous flux output of the luminaire. The real flux is therefore lower than the nominal flux because it depends on the luminaire’s thermal regime and the use of reflectors, diffusers, screens or lenses to direct the light.
  • Wattage drawn indicated in the table includes not only absorption by the LED light source, but also driver’s losser from other electronic components of the luminaire. We then indicate the total amount of energy actually consumed by the luminaire as a whole.

With this information, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING aims to help creating more clarity in this sector, the LED luminaire industry, where it is sometimes difficult to interpret information and compare products.


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