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  • Series of LED street lighting luminaires, ,comprising:
  • - Die-cast aluminium housing, polyester powder coat finish ISO 9227/12944 - ISO 9223 (C5)
  • - Coated die-cast aluminium captive trim, hinged to the housing
  • - Coated die-cast aluminium pole-top adaptor for pole Ø 60 / 76 mm
  • - High-transparency polycarbonate optics
  • - The Secure Light Distribution (SLD) system guarantees uniform light distribution even in the remote case of LED failures
  • - Anti-ageing custom moulded silicone sealing gasket(s) with resilient elastic return capacity
  • - Extra clear, toughened, flat glass diffuser
  • - The integral switch splitter automatically disconnects the driver from mains when opened
  • - Built-in driver
  • - Integral surge protection device (SPD) against mains overvoltages up to 10 kV (CM/DM)
  • - Stainless steel locking hardware
  • - Complete with 1 m H07RN-F 2x1.5 mm² or H07RN-F 4x1.5 mm² (dimmable options) cable, for mains connection without opening the luminaire
  • - StReet optic options: SR/075 usually for narrow roads (0.5 ≥ L/H ≥ 0.75), SR/100 for two-lane roads (L/H = 1), SR/125 for wide streets and (L/H = 1.25), SR/150 for wide roads/parking lots (L/H = 1.5) schemes. L/H ratio (L-road width/H-pole height)
  • - UNI 10819 light pollution standards compliant (0% ULOR rating)
  • - Complete with NEMA socket connected to DALI driver and waterproof short-circuit cap for On/Off operation mode and SMART-compatible mounting solutions (NEMA options)
  • - The ZHAGA versions are complete with a ZHAGA SOCKET located on the upper part of the appliance (ZHU - position UP) or positioned both in the upper and lower part of the appliance (ZHUD - Position UP + position DOWN) and D4i driver. They are installation-ready for "Radio Frequency node" solutions, twilight sensors, and other types of compatible sensors
  • - The versions of ZHAGA with ZHAGA SOCKET positioned in both the upper and lower part of the appliance can work with either a pair of devices or with only one device positioned in one of the two sockets
  • - Other colour temperatures (CCT) and colour rendering index (CRI) options available. Consult factory
  • - Third-party controls NEMA 7-pin socket options available. Consult factory
  • - CLO (Constant Light Output) options available. Consult factory

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