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EAN Clinic

Iași - Romania

  • CUSTOMER: EAN Clinic
  • ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: NOI STUDIO arch. Andi-Alexandru Buftea arch Ariana Tutuianu
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Ovidiu Micsa | ADMO studio

Located in the historical setting of the old Jewish quarter of Iași, Romania, the EAN clinic is on the ground floor of a small house that is about 100 years old. One of the key challenges for the interior design project concerned how patients interact with the architectural space. The high-level professionalism of a modern maxillofacial and aesthetic dental clinic needed to function in a historical context with limited space available and within the regulations imposed by law for healthcare facilities.

Lighting played a fundamental role in this project. SL787+ PL pendant fixtures, with bi-directional light with an opal PMMA diffuser for optimal diffusion and high light uniformity, are a unifying element throughout the various rooms, configured in specially designed solutions using LIGHT-PERFORMER® software, so as to adapt to the characteristics of each room.

A unique aspect of the project concerns the client’s desire to abandon the typical doctor-patient model while at the same time integrating works of art from the owner's personal collection into the clinic. These two needs laid the foundation for the concept of an “art gallery” dedicated to healthcare. A place that prioritizes patients by integrating them into the scenography of the space through the use of brass niches to create interaction with the clinic environment.

The colour palette used in the different rooms was derived from the hues found in the artwork. Fuchsia, associated with an open wound, is assigned to the consultation room. For tension-filled spaces such as the waiting room, blue was used for its relaxing properties: as an accent in the waiting room where treatment plans are discussed and proposed, and as an immersive backdrop for the corridors leading to the treatment room where interventions take place. Immaculate white is used for the sterilisation and intervention rooms. 

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