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Gochsheimt - Germany

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Lukas Huneke

A Company On A Growth Course. FINSTRAL is a company that develops and produces technologies for windows in industrial and private buildings. 45 years of experience, flexible company structures, and high professional competence guarantee quality and technical advance.

In order to meet the increasing market requirements a new customer centre was planned in Gochsheim. On a surface of 550 m² customers will find all information about technological progress and customer-related solutions in window design. As windows and light are interacting, a professional partner was searched to fulfil the builder’s complex demands. Performance in Lighting GmbH took on this task and elaborated lighting design concepts based on the drafts created by the architect.

The result is a customer centre transporting the FINSTRAL company philosophy. As outer conspicuous distinctive mark the building has a horizontal grid structure on the roof. Direct floodlight spots of the GUELL-series are perfectly drawing the attention to the so-called flying roof. This flying roof symbolizes the structures of windows, showing the competences of the company even at night.

The illumination of the parking area and the thoroughfares leading towards the building is effected by mast- and bollard lights of the SPILLO-series. This product integrates unobtrusively but with high efficiency into the outdoor area of the customer centre.

As there is no second chance for the first impression the entrance area is the key element for the visitor. According to the lighting engineering concept linear aluminium profile luminaires of the SL764 series with special 3D-optics were used. Here the light is decoupled not only downward but also sidewise. This three-dimensional impression is intensified by the mikado-array of the luminous profiles. The Performance in Lighting LIGHT-PERFORMER® was utilized in this project planning. This online-tool provides instantly all necessary commercial and technical information up to the lighting engineering calculation in a lighting design programme. For the vertical illumination of the walls recessed ceiling spots of the EB435-series are used. The conic structure of the light accents serves as guidance inside the room.

One highlight is the levitating stairway inside the building leading to the first floor. The stair landing was back-lit by surface mounted luminaires of the WL400 series with a high-quality glass application that underlines the levitating character.

In the customer service areas continued the follow-up in the lighting engineering with accents by EB435 and lines by SL764.

Engineering progress is not only documented in window technology but also in lighting technology. Modern luminaires are based on durable LED with low colour tolerance and precise light guidance. They give their best years-long: light.

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