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Pozzuoli - Naples - Italy

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Mario Ferrara

From the meeting between Adriano Olivetti, enlightened entrepreneur, and the architect Luigi Cosenza, one of the most beautiful industrial complexes in Italy was created in the early 1950s. The Olivetti factory in Pozzuoli represents a rare example of harmony between industrial architecture and an extraordinarily important landscape context. The plant is the manifesto of the most visionary economic and social development policies promoted by Adriano Olivetti in the 1950s. 

Located in a 15-hectare area, the original building project is based on the idea of wanting to let in as much natural light as possible. The various structures of the complex feature large windows designed to connect man, considered the centre of the factory, with the surrounding landscape immersed in nature and allow the view to extend beyond the enclosed space.

Originally an industrial plant, once Olivetti departed, today hosts private offices and agency headquarters dedicated to scientific missions.


The renovation of the new offices

The renovation project by Wip Architetti included the construction of new offices located within the District’s C group. The intervention involved an area of about 3600 square meters located on the ground floor of the building and included about 125 square meters of mezzanine. In developing the project, great importance was given to natural light and the dialogue between open-space areas and outdoor green spaces. 

Internally, the large open spaces have been equipped with:

  • green walls that enhance the environment and purify the air, reduce noise, induce concentration and productivity and reduce stress;
  • acoustic ceiling panels that partially mask the exposed systems and offer effective insulation against internal noise;
  • differentiated lighting according to the intended use of the space, with lighting levels that satisfy visual comfort requirements.


The lighting project

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the enhancement and use of spaces; the design phase required careful planning to harmonize three different guidelines:

  • major attention to energy efficiency;
  • lighting designed specifically to promote the well-being of employees, improving operations and avoiding visual fatigue;
  • dynamic dialogue with natural lighting that fills the building.

From the wide range of products by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING, luminaires suitable for office lighting have been selected which avoid fatigue and guarantee excellent visual comfort in compliance with current regulations for good quality light in the workplace. Particular attention was also paid to energy sustainability by using all LED products capable of guaranteeing reduced consumption.

Quality lighting can improve well-being and focus in the workplace. With this in mind, linear LED luminaires were chosen with suspended, ceiling or recessed installation, compliant with the EN 12464-1 standard for lighting in the workplace. These products guarantee correct glare limitation and promote visual comfort through the use of micro-prism diffusers that provide highly uniform light.

Round suspended luminaires with minimal lines in different sizes and versions, ceiling-mounted or suspended, illuminate the meeting and gathering areas. Ceiling-mounted downlights and wall-mounted fixtures complete the proposal and guarantee general and safety lighting for passage areas. 

The light emission of most of the luminaires installed is controlled by the DALI digital protocol which allows the lighting to be varied by adapting it to the changing conditions of natural light, providing optimal light at any time of the day for the well-being of employees.

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