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Maastricht - Netherlands

  • ELECTRICIAN: Croonwolter&dros
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaap Lotstra

In 2015, the contract was awarded by the Province of Limburg for the sustainability of the government building to Croonwolter&dros, which started the project in April 2017.

The project with a budget of 17 million euros included the replacement of 2329 window panels to three-layer glazing, a completely new climate system and LED lighting. With this the energy label of the Provinciehuis went from G to B.

For a suitable appearance, the lighting in the staircases, in the traffic space around the elevator shafts and the aisles, is a customized solution supplied by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING and Neofos. The wall luminaires SL787 LED have been made uninterrupted in the stairwells per floor. As a result, each floor has only one staircase luminaire, which gives the staircase a nice appearance. In this case, the stairwell is not only given a different appearance but the direct light and indirect lighting also greatly improves the overall light image.

A similar concept has been applied around the elevators, uninterrupted luminaires. With the lighting here it seems as if the luminaire comes out of the concrete columns. Here too, direct and indirect lighting has been used for a beautiful and functional lighting image.

Emergency lighting is also something that has been created in the stairwell luminaire. One part of each staircase luminaire is designed to be connected to the central emergency lighting facility. This ensures that the staircase is illuminated in the event of a power failure.

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING worked closely with Neofos in the realization of the lighting plan.

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