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Saarbrücken - Germany

The Raabe nursery school in Saarbrücken is founded on Montessori educational principles. 48 spots available for the youngest, including 14 for disabled children, to create a daily routine where they can learn from one another in a natural way, playing and interacting together.

With the purpose of providing the children with an outstanding environment where they can grow and learn, from the planning stages, the needs of the smallest were taken into consideration, creating an environment entirely made-to-measure for children. The common areas, inundated by light, invite the children to play and favour learning. In fact, if designed well, correct lighting allows the living conditions in the educational environment to be improved and therefore, by extension, it also favours the wellness of the children.

For the indoor environment, depending on their intended use, different fixtures were used. For example, electrified tracks with spotlights from the AS range were used in the play and common areas in order to be able to change the configurations depending on the activities in progress. For the common areas, ceiling panels from the FL or SL629 range provide diffused and functional lighting. For the offices, on the other hand, lamps from the SL713 PL range were chosen in order to avoid glare and to better allow for administrative activities.

For the outdoors, QUASAR 10 and QUASAR 20 wall fixtures alternate with a harmonious combination of narrow and broad beams to light the vertical surfaces with personality and charisma. Whereas in the access area to the structure, MIMIK 20 FLAT units are installed which discretely light the walls near the entrance.

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