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Taichung - Taiwan

  • CUSTOMER: Unity Consultant Co. Ltd.
  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Evergreat E&C Co., Ltd.
  • ELECTRICIAN: Evergreat E&C Co. Ltd.

Mitsui Outlet Park in Taichung, a large shopping mall located southwest of Taipei and operated by the Japanese group Mitsui has quickly become a popular destination for both residents and visiting tourists.

As originally planned by the designers, the mall was divided into two sections, in-mall and out-mall. The in-mall section is indoors and contains more than 200 top-brand stores, a supermarket and a large food court as well as a large cinema; the out-mall section is outdoors and extends along a circular path that begins at Center Plaza and connects the shops in the outdoor area, mainly sporting goods.

The lighting of the mall is an integral part of the architecture, and must be able to create an atmosphere favourable to consumer shopping and an enjoyable, gratifying experience. For the general lighting of both sections, the lighting designers chose the reliability of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING products.

For common and traffic areas within the in-mall, general lighting was designed with hundreds of DLSB series LED recessed luminaires taking advantage of the variety of the range and using all 4 product dimensions (DLSB100 / DLSB150 / DLSB185 / DLSB220), depending on the installation height and the required illumination values for each area.

For the exterior lighting of the out-mall, accent lighting was designed with the FOCUS+ZERO, GUELL 2, and MIMIK 20 wall-mounted luminaires.

Along the external path there are many green areas and small fountains that have been enhanced with PADO 600 pole-mounted landscape luminaires, while for the areas near parking, pole-mounted SPILLO luminaires were installed to illuminate and secure the perimeter areas of the complex. Both of these products provide full cut off lighting, ensuring both excellent safety lighting and the energy savings of the latest generation of LED fixtures.

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