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Moscow - Russia

  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Eclat Group Lighting design
  • ELECTRICIAN: Eclat Group

TITUL is a luxury residential complex located in the heart of Moscow on the picturesque Serebryanicheskaya embankment where the Royal Money Court which minted coins and created jewellery was located in the 17th century. 

The combination of classic and modern materials, precious brass panels and precious marble, highlight the status of the buildings. There is a courtyard with an English-style garden, stone walkways, fountains, recreation areas and a playground. The complex contains a total of 175 apartments of various sizes distributed in 8 buildings of 6-9 floors. On the upper floors there are lofts with terraces that offer incredible views of the Kremlin, the entire historic centre of the capital and Zamoskvorechye.

The lighting concept by Eclat Group Lighting Design, is based on the creation of an evocative atmosphere that uses light to emphasize architectural details and bring out the variety of the facades. For this expressive project PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has supplied about two hundred professional FOCUS+ 1 projectors for architectural lighting and dozens of INSERT+ ZERO wall recessed luminaires, discreet luminaires that provide safety lighting for areas with walkways and steps.

The lighting project is very complex and structured on several levels. The first provides lighting that guarantees basic luminosity for the facades and highlights their plasticity with inverse shadows. The effect was obtained by locating floodlights along the perimeter of the buildings attached to supports extending from the walls. The second level provides accent lighting for the architectural elements of the white stone facades thanks to low-power narrow-beam spotlights. The third level highlights the window frames on the golden facades. This technique emphasizes the depth of the spatial composition and creates great visual and emotional impact.

Reviving the status and general perception of the complex, the lighting emphasizes the facades and creates a profoundly harmonious spatial composition that is perfectly integrated with city lights.



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