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Göteborg - Sweden

  • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Scan Interlight AB

GLTK is one of the largest and oldest tennis club in Sweden, located in a splendid position near Lilla Torp, a historic building constructed in 1748 which gives the name to the Torp neighbourhood in Göteborg, in the picturesque natural reserve of Delsjö. The structure includes 14 covered tennis courts, 2 outdoor courts, 4 padel courts, a restaurant, and a shop.

With the goal of making the structure increasingly more modern and efficient, GLTK realised a vast restructuring and expansion project, also revamping the padel court lighting using LED fixtures supplied by PERFORMANCE in LIGHTING with Scan Interlight AB on-site consulting in order to make the structure even more sustainable and to optimise management and maintenance costs over time.

For the padel court lighting, beneath the imposing structure of arches in laminated timber, 104 NORMA+ PRO CL 55W fixtures installed in a continuous row along the pre-existing tracks, using the quick mounting clips in order to optimise installation operations as well. The end result was 4 groups of 26 products light each court with average illumination of 450 lux, glare-free, to provide the athletes with an outstanding playing experience.

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