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NEWS 1|2024

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING proudly presents a series of new products and updates to its range, designed to meet the needs of an ever-evolving market. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, the company has introduced state-of-the-art lighting solutions that combine sophisticated design and advanced technology. These new products represent an important step forward in our mission to offer superior lighting experiences, both for residential and commercial, office and industrial, sports and urban environments.

New collections

The new lighting product collections are a perfect synthesis between technological innovation and timeless design. Each piece has been carefully created to offer optimal lighting and to enhance any environment with a touch of elegance and modernity.
The collections include a variety of highly efficient LED lighting solutions and systems, designed to adapt to different needs. Especially focusing on sustainability, the new products use technologies that reduce energy consumption without compromising quality of light.
These collections not only illuminate spaces, they transform them, creating unique and welcoming atmospheres.

Brightness over a larger area, doubled efficiency

The innovative and unique approach to the optics design allows maximizing the diffusion of light while maintaining the compact design of the product. This translates into superior light output, or simply said, the ability to illuminate large spaces with excellent light quality, without the need to install an excessive number of fixtures. The efficiency is twofold: on the one hand, optimizing the number of units reduces energy consumption, since fewer fixtures mean lower operating and maintenance costs. On the other hand, LED technology itself is already synonymous with energy efficiency, with a longer life and lower heat emissions compared to traditional lighting solutions.

The all-rounder for refurbishment, renovation and modernization

The new FLexiLed luminaire series is our all-rounder for refurbishment and modernization. It offers maximum flexibility, the highest quality of light, is sustainable and reduces operating costs. All this makes FlexiLed a smart investment in the future. With its straightforward, clear design language, this luminaire family integrates discreetly into any architectural context and creates environments that stimulate creativity and productivity.
With FlexiLed, complex and costly interventions in refurbishment projects are a thing of the past. Thanks to flexible dimensions and installation kits for almost any ceiling system, FlexiLed makes it easy to convert conventional luminaires to energy-efficient LED technology.


With the FlexiLed luminaire series from PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING, which is flexible in every respect, modernizing existing lighting systems is child's play.
The free LIGHT-PERFORMER® online lighting configurator simplifies the planning process, helps with pricing, provides technical and lighting data, parts lists, tender documents and offers individual support for complex configurations.

Uniquely filigree, exceptionally powerful

In the world of office lighting, LED products are characterized by efficiency, sustainability, quality of light and modern design. The extremely slim appearance of this series sets new design standards. This range of luminaires enhances the architectural value of any space and proves to be an intelligent option for those looking for performance, flexibility and design.
Ultra-thin design and versatility: the extremely slim profile makes this luminaire almost invisible when switched off. The range includes various mounting types, shapes, sizes and control options and offers the right solution for every room and style requirement.
The innovative LED technology guarantees maximum efficiency and reduced energy consumption, which has a positive impact on costs and the environment.
All products comply with the applicable standards for modern workplace lighting, ensuring safety, accessibility and reliability.

Updated range

The updates to the range reflect the company's dedication to constantly improving the performance and energy efficiency of its solutions, while maintaining a contemporary and versatile aesthetic.


Update of the DLSB range, with an increase in energy efficiency. The widest range of downlights in our catalogue attains a new performance level.


Expansion of the A+ series range, with the introduction of a multipower version with power that can be set in four steps from 85 to 200 W.


Update and expansion of the NORMA+ series, with lower power and increased luminous flux for greater energy efficiency on all models.
An 11,000 lumen version has also been introduced in the 1500 mm size.


Expansion of the SPIDER+ 20 range with new single power versions in addition to the current multipower. The new design making the product openable and maintainable is equipped with silicone gaskets and steel jaws. The product is now pre-wired for quick connection.


Expansion of the SPIDER+ 30 range with new single power versions in addition to the current multipower ones. The new design making the product openable and maintainable is equipped with silicone gaskets and steel jaws. The product is now pre-wired for quick connection.


Improved performance over the entire range with the introduction of a new LED platform that increases luminous flux and efficiency.


Expansion of the range with the introduction of the RM version (remote driver) and the inclusion of a new series of power supply units and accessories to increase installation flexibility.


Improved performance of the entire SQUARE PRO range with the introduction of a new LED platform that increases luminous flux and efficiency.


Update of the THEOS GLASS family, with lower power and increased luminous flux for an increase in energy efficiency up to 170 lm/W.

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