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Brescia - Italy

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Agenzia Fotolive

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING features the new "PalaLeonessa", home of basketball in Brescia (Italy).

The new 5,200 seat arena, designed to accommodate Series A, Super Cup and National matches respects lighting levels requested by the FIBA 2014 level 1 guidelines for television filming.

To illuminate the playing area, 68 SQUARE PRO 830 W  5700 K  CRI 90 projectors were used. An average E at ground level of 2800 lx was obtained and an E toward the principal TV of 2100 lx with a level of uniformity respectively Emin/Emax > 0.6 and Emin/Emed > 0.7 where part of these projectors are under UPS to guarantee an average of 1000 lx emergency lighting.

The lighting of the stands was developed using 172 NORMA+ 68 W S/EW and 20 LAMA+ products 205 W S/EW to ensure 300 lx, required where part of these are under UPS to guarantee an average of 5 lx in case of emergency. The lighting project was begun in April 2017 and ended with the on-site aiming service on 26 July 2018.

"Quality" lighting, as defined by the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI-2012), for sporting events with television filming is to be considered, for a manufacturer of lighting fixtures, basically as light that can respond qualitatively in two key moments of sports game: live filming, i.e. HDTV and/or similar, and replays of important actions and/or Super Slow Motion (SSM).

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